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March 26, 2011
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Mind Racing-read story by TheAlleyRat Mind Racing-read story by TheAlleyRat
This picture also comes with character updates:

Rubi: She is still in love with Sir Aaron, but is confused with Rocky.
Rocky: He is same old same old, trying to win Rubi's heart but is only able to get a stolen kiss once in a while.
Sir Aaron: We do not know if he has the same feelings over Rubi because there have been rumors going around that the only reason he stays with the alley rats instead of going to a 'cleaner more sophisticated society' is because he is always threatened by Rubi. He lacks interest in what the AR characters do and would rather spend time alone reading a book.

In this picture, the Alley rats go to a carnival and stand in line for the ferris wheel...

The crowd pushes forward as our heroes stand talking. From front to back stands Rubi, Aaron, Justin, Esteban, Crystal, Ambar and Rocky.
Esteban: YEAH! *highfives him* but the BEST ride is the Kamakazee, we should go there dude.
Justin: After SCREAAAAM!!! *jumps up to see over the crowd*
Aaron: *taps rubi's shoulder* is this ride safe? When was the last time they had a check up? Oh I dont have a good feeling about this *hugs himself to keep away from other people* It feels so dirty here
Rubi: Oh calm down Aaron, its just a ride.
Aaron: I'm not so comfortable with the hight..
Rubi: Dont tell me your afraid of heights...*looks up*
Rocky: uh..*reaches to the front and grabs Rubi's arm* Rubi can you come here for a second?
Rubi: we're next in line Rocky, not now
Rocky: its important, please
Rubi: *sigh* fine *turns to Aaron* I'll be right back
Aaron: *nods and looks back at the ride*
Rocky: *takes her to the back* uh...well..theres an uneven number of us in line you know.
Rubi: yeah, me n Aaron, Justin n Esteban, Amber n crystal, aaaand youu *pokes his big nose and laughs*
Rocky: Just saying
Rubi: aw are you lonely? *laughs* do you need a friend? Aw poor you *pats his head* too bad
Rocky: *keeps looking at her silently*
Rubi: Rocky let me explain something, in this world you need to make friends, new friends. So this wont happen anymore you know? You see, me and Aaron are friends, so we're going together.. Yeah I know what your trying to do Rocky *rolls her eyes*
Rocky: *looks up* Aaron huh?
Rubi: yeah *turns around to find him gone* the heck? *looks around but is too short to see over the crowd*
Rocky: he left..he's afraid of heights remember?
Rubi: ...yeah well who needs him *chuckles nervously and turns red* h-he'll apologize and we'll go out to dinner
Rocky: Sure he will, now come on, we're up *holds her hand and leads her to the ride*
Rubi: *sits down nervously*
Rocky: *sits closely next to her and stays quiet*
*the ride starts and slowly goes up and stops halfway*
Rocky: Rubi I want to say something
Rubi: *hides her red face* what rocky? I bet I know what it is *crosses her arms* but me and Aaron are together.
Rocky: No ya'll arent and you know it
Rubi: *stays silent and keeps looking at the horizon*
Rocky: *looks at her* I uh....*clears throat* I've known you for years...since we were kids *chuckles a little* like that time we went to prom because no one asked you and I was your only choice
Rubi: *tries to force herself not to smile*
Rocky: And when I asked you to dance with me you took off to the restroom and didnt come back *laughs*
Rubi: Yeah I remember that *laughs*
Rocky: *looks at the horizon too* I know you
Rubi: ...I know
Rocky: *stays quiet as the ride goes up to the top and stops with a silent squeek* Rubi....*looks at her*
Rubi: *bites her lip*
Rocky: I know what true love is and this is it *quickly grabs her hand and holds on* Dont do this to me, Aaron doesnt love you the way I do!
*in the cart behind them Crystal and Ambar watch*
Crystal: aw
Ambar: shh *keeps listening*
Rocky: Please Rubi...*looks straight into her eyes waiting for an answer*
Rubi: *is still shocked* I uh- *looks at her trembling hand and pulls it away* Rocky.. *is out of words*
Rocky: *closes his empty hand and sits back* its ok... *looks to the horizon*... I knew this was a stupid idea..*looks down some*...
Rubi: *thinks to herself as the ride makes a full circle* wasnt *looks at him*
Rocky: *looks up surprised*
Rubi: Rocky you know I care for you..I always have. *puts her hand on his* y-*chokes some due to her nervousness* your the sweetest raccoon I know rocky
Rocky: *smiles*
Rubi: but you know my answer
Rocky: *his smile goes down a bit but raises again* I'll keep trying


Alleyrats (c) Rubi Sosa
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Mister-Saturn Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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I honestly don't know who I would want with who. I really like her with Aaron buuuuut Rocky's making me sad just reading all this XD ;;
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lol thanks and yeah its one of those stories :XD:
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awwwwwwwww! how cute! I love it! and dont worry Rocky, you will always be lurved by me! *glomperz*
TheAlleyRat Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2011  Student General Artist
lol he iz loved :meow:
CosmicChrissy Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2011  Professional Filmographer
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TheAlleyRat Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2011  Student General Artist
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